Ground anchors

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.


  • stabilization of various types of landslides
  • creating foundations
  • strengthening of embankments
  • strengthening excavations in cohesive and non-cohesive soils.
  • strengthening tunnel portals
  • strengthening of retaining structures
  • strengthening all kinds of sloping substrates
  • strengthening foundation walls in the space of underground storeys of newly built or rebuilt facilities


  • economy of work – nailing is the cheapest way to strengthen slopes and excavations
  • simple and quick execution
  • work performed with the use of light equipment
  • possibility of making reinforcements in tightly built-up buildings
  • no vibration during assembly work
  • low noise level of works, which is related to their low nuisance
  • high strength of deepened reinforcement
  • high work efficiency
  • effectiveness in creating temporary and permanent safeguards
  • permanent anti-corrosion protection
  • the possibility of creating any security geometry

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