Geothermal piles and micropiles

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The technology consists in combining geothermal boreholes with the possibility of simultaneous indirect foundation of objects on the same boreholes, supplemented with tubular poles. This allows to obtain two functions that have so far been used separately. As a result, with lower investment implementation costs, we will obtain a facility with increased durability (foundation on special foundations) and, at the same time, with a reduced negative impact on the environment (heating or cooling with geothermal energy from renewable sources).

Geothermal micropiles are a combination of a foundation micropile and a heat exchanger. The solution uses a classic self-drilling micropile, and the built-in heat recovery system connected to the heat pump allows for the collection and transfer of heat to the ground – for heating in winter and cooling in summer.


– maintenance-free winter maintenance of civil engineering facilities (e.g. communication infrastructure) – foundation on geothermal micropiles enables de-icing of the surface and melting snow 24 hours a day without the need to mobilize service teams – it is an ecological solution that allows for extending the life of the facility, among others due to the lack of corrosive factors (increased resistance to degradation);

– foundation of objects with increased thermal requirements on micropiles

– modernization and thermal modernization of buildings – retrofitting with a geothermal installation

– an alternative way to provide heating and cooling to any building from renewable energy sources

– other thermo-active structures, e.g. anchored diaphragm walls, anchored tunnel linings, etc., where anchoring micropiles are used


– energy efficiency – providing buildings
with energy and renewable energy sources

– can be used in confined spaces and hard-to-reach terrain, also where the introduction of large-diameter piles is impossible

– possibility of implementation in the basement of existing buildings

– simple and quick installation, reducing the risk of damage to the installation

– energy efficiency much higher than in classic hole probes

– long-term efficiency of the system and reduction of the ground freezing effect

– ecological and highly cost effective solution

– all advantages of classic self-drilling micropiles have been preserved

– the system is fully compliant with current building standards

– much larger area of ​​the annular opening for heating the medium, which results in a much better thermal conductivity of the entire system

– thanks to the high thermal efficiency (approx. 100W / m), the boreholes can be shallower, while maintaining the required heat recovery

– Cost savings of at least 25% compared to separately made piles and deep ground heat exchangers


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