Specialists in the field of geotechnics

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design

About us

We are a company with 100% Polish capital. We have been dealing with construction works for years, thanks to which we can boast of extensive experience. This translates into high quality and timeliness of the services provided.

We offer specialized solutions in the field of geotechnics. A wide range of technologies used and a rich machine park allow us to meet even the highest requirements. We always apply an individual approach to investments, we approach all issues in an unconventional way, so as to select the optimal solution for each project.


Why us


Our team has many years of experience in construction works. Thanks to this, we offer advanced technical advice and support at every stage of implementation, also after the work is completed. Individual settings, speed of action and undertaking even technologically complex works make us a competitive offer on the market of geotechnical services.

High standards

We have a machine park equipped with the most modern equipment that will cope with work even in the most difficult conditions. We use proven materials from local sources, guaranteeing high quality and timeliness of the work performed. Expert knowledge and extensive experience of the teams translates into care for health and safety rules.

Wide offer

Doświadczenie w wielu realizacjach pozwala nam stosować różnorodne technologie. Dobieramy je w zależności od warunków gruntowych, możliwości terenu, dostępności środków. Dokładna analiza każdej planowanej realizacji pozwala wybrać optymalne rozwiązanie pod względem technologicznym i kosztowym. Do każdej inwestycji podchodzimy indywidualnie – zarówno wobec małych zleceń, jak i dużych inwestycyjnie przedsięwzięć. Szeroka oferta usług sprawia, że możemy wykonywać kompleksowe prace geotechniczne.

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Soil nails

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Ground anchors

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Shocrete – sprayed concrete

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Jet grouting

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Anti-filtration barriers and soil injection

Jet grouting
DSM apertures
Filling voids

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Tunnel works

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Geothermal piles and micropiles

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