Jet-grouting columns

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.


  • constructions of existing foundations. They are used when the building suffers damage as a result of subsidence or will be adjacent to a deep excavation.
  • sealing of deep excavations and anti-flood embankments. Depending on the arrangement of permeable layers, vertical or horizontal screens are made to protect against the inflow of groundwater.

Advantages :

  • Due to the possibility of drilling with small-size equipment, the Jet-Grouting columns can be used in almost any space; columns can be built from the basements of existing buildings or narrow yards that would not fit the equipment for other piling technology
  • since drilling is done with conventional anchor rigs, there are hardly any limits to the angle at which the columns are to be made. This is especially useful for foundations loaded with high horizontal forces. In extreme cases, you can even find horizontal columns in the roofs of tunnels.
  • Due to the thorough washing of obstacles in the ground with a stream, it is possible to create anti-filtration walls or plugs out of interlocking columns. It is often the only solution to stop the inflow of groundwater.
  • a positive side effect of high-pressure injection is the formation of a jagged mace that mobilizes much greater friction on the side surface than piles implemented in other technologies. As a result, the Jet-Grouting column with the same parameters will achieve greater load capacity than other piles, e.g. in drilled technologies.
  • Jet-Grouting columns, due to their high load-bearing capacity, obtained thanks to the frayed side surface, may be an attractive alternative to piles drilled with other technologies.

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