Ground anchors

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.


  • Support of various types of retaining walls
  • Lashings for masts and other structures that require the transfer of high tensile forces to the ground.
  • Elements transmitting the buoyancy forces in the bottom plates.
  • Stabilization of slopes, slopes and landslides.
  • Technological support of excavations


  • Tension force can be verified during operation.
  • High efficiency of excavation support.
  • An interesting alternative to the method of securing excavations with support.
  • Transmission of the force acting on the ground outside the fragmentation wedge (within a radius of up to 100 meters from the head of the ground anchor).
  • Minimal mechanical interference with the native soil.
  • No need to use heavy construction equipment.
  • Possibility to install the anchors in a tight building.
  • Low nuisance of construction works.
  • Injection combined with drilling petrifies the hole zone, improving the cohesion with the ground.
  • Possibility of extending the anchor with additional elements of the rod without reducing the strength parameters.
  • No need to install protective pipes, even in inconsistent soils.
  • Speed ​​and ease of work.

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