About us

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.

TERGON offers specialized solutions in the field of geo-engineering and repairs of reinforced concrete structures.

The basic scope of services provided:

  • Indirect foundation of buildings and structures on micropiles with a diameter up to ø300 mm.
  • Pile walls of micropiles, full or filled with walls of reinforced sprayed concrete.
  • Micropiles, nails and traditional or system ground anchors, e.g. TITAN, SAS, DYWIDAG, GONAR.
  • Excavation casings, liquidation of landslides, protection of scarps, stabilization of scarps in the technology of reinforced sprayed concrete (shotcrete) and nails or ground anchors.
  • Repair and reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures using shotcrete.
  • Concrete surfaces treatment – demolition of the defective concrete layer of reinforced elements:   
    • using the traditional method (manual hammering or grinding with Brokk machines),
    • abrasive blasting (sandblasting),
    • wet abrasive blasting (with the use of a high-pressure unit for hydrodynamic demolitions.
  • Reprofiling and finishing or fire protection with shotcrete of reinforced concrete structures (among others diaphragm walls, pile walls, etc.) or concealed steel structures (e.g. sheet pile walls).
  • Removal of laitance from concrete surfaces, paint coatings and pollutants using high-pressure water unit with adjustable operating pressure of 1000 – 2500 bar (so-called hydromonitoring).

TERGON company provides consulting in the field of optimization and selection of technology and executes design works for the purposes of implementing works falling within the scope of services provided.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our detailed offer.