About us

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.

Experts in geotechnics

We provide specialized geotechnical solutions.
Our comprehensive suite of technologies and extensive machinery portfolio enables us to meet even the most demanding projects.

  • Profound experience acquired over numerous projects
  • A professional team of engineers, construction managers and construction crews
  • Broad range of applied technologies
  • Extensive machinery fleet
  • High quality and punctuality in services provided
  • Individual approach to each project


Our extensive offerings cater to a variety of needs, allowing the selection of optimal solutions for each project. We always meticulously analyze the conditions of the investment to ensure that the methods used satisfy all needs and requirements. We choose the optimal solution for each implementation.

Our advanced technical facilities and the extensive experience of our teams enable us to achieve superior results, even under complex ground conditions.

Machinery park

We have an extensive technical infrastructure that includes a fleet of machinery outfitted with the most advanced equipment. We consistently invest in the purchase of new specialized machinery to enhance
the quality of our services and expand our range and capabilities.

Our current inventory includes:

  • small-sized drilling rigs: Comacchio MC 2D,
    Comacchio MC 4D;
  • drilling rigs and anchoring drill rigs:
    Comacchio MC 12,
    Comacchio MC 15P,
    Comacchio MC 22,
    Comacchio MC 30, Klemm KR 806-3GS,
    Klemm 909;
  • pile drivers: RTG RG 22S;
  • drilling masts: ABI Interoc BAS 2200,
    Morath SA3100;
  • excavators: Volvo EC380, Cat 308, Mecalac,
    Doosan DX210W excavators;
  • diesel, electric injection pumps: Bauer Matt,
    Obermann, Model-CO;
  • concrete pumps: Sebhsa Putzmeister;
  • compressors: Atlas Copco;
  • generators: Atlas Copco;
  • jet grouting sets: Tecniwell;
  • cement silos;
  • shotcrete machines: Meyco Picolla,

Team of experts

Our highly-qualified team provides professional technical advice at the offer preparation stage, as well as advanced support at all stages of project implementation.

Our individualized approach, swift execution, and ability to undertake technologically complex projects contribute to our competitive offerings of high-quality geotechnical services.


Our continual growth and development are reflected in prizes and distinctions awarded to our company.

We are proud recipients of the following recognitions:

  • Forbes Diamond 2022
  • Diamonds of the Polish Economy
    2021 – Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • Effective Companies 2021
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • Business Cheetahs 2021
  • Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
  • Strong Trustworthy Companies 2021
  • Świętokrzyskie Province
  • Diamonds of the Polish Economy 2020
  • Construction Industry
  • Effective Companies 2020
  • Construction Industry