CFA piles

Execution of works, consultancy in the field of technology selection and design.

CFA piles – Application:

  • indirect foundation of infrastructure facilities (such as viaducts or bridges, power plants as well as flood protection facilities and others)
  • indirect foundation of cubature objects (such as: residential buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, halls and others)
  • securing deep excavations, including securing the trenches in combination with ground anchors
  • construction of retaining walls and palisades
  • stabilization of slopes, including stabilization of slopes in combination with anchoring micropiles

CFA piles – Advantages:

  • high efficiency in transferring large loads from foundations to the load-bearing soil subsoil below
  • depending on the degree of reinforcement, high load-bearing capacity in the transmission of pressure and lateral loads
  • no vibrations and low noise level allowing for operation in dense urban development
  • the possibility of making piles in most ground conditions
  • high efficiency influencing the quick completion of works

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